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The China/Strategic Studies program of the CIDS looks at the country’s maritime disputes with China and challenges resulting from China’s rapid rise to power as a catalyst (but not necessarily the entire scope) for what we hope to be a decisive effort to promote the University’s capability in strategic studies. Why is the program seemingly China-centric? China‘s economic power, political influence in Southeast Asia, military modernization, involvement in territorial and maritime disputes with neighboring countries, and revolutionary social transformation, among others, impact greatly on the regional economic and security environment in which the Philippines exists. Its expansive territorial claims and assertive policies in the South China Sea, in particular, bring it into conflict with other regional states with overlapping claims, including the Philippines. Bilateral relations have been in a state of crisis since a standoff over fisheries rights in the Scarborough Shoal from April to June 2012, and since the Philippines filed an arbitration suit against China with the Permanent Court of Arbitration in January 2013.


2015 Program

Objective 1: Building expertise and encouraging new discourses within the university and broader society on China/strategic studies.

Objective 2: Deeepen and expand linkages among relevant stakeholders in Philippines-China relations, particularly by promoting intellectual and civil society linkages between the two countries as a means of bulding mutual confidence and trust.

2016 Program

The objectives of Year 2 are three-fold: (1) institutionalization of a Strategic Studies program for the university and other initiatives that would strengthen multidisciplinary and multisectoral expertise and capacity to undertake practical studies on international relations and security; (2) developing dialogue and sustained linkages with Chinese counterparts to contribute towards principled and peaceful resolution of conflicts; (3) building strategic perspectives by producing and widely disseminating a publication on the Philippine strategic outlook and a convening a conference.


Project Proponents

Associate Professor
College of Law, University of the Philippines Diliman
Email Address: jay.batongbacal@gmail.com
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Aileen S.P. BAVIERA, Ph.D.
Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman
Email address: aileen.baviera@gmail.com
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Associate Professor
Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman
Email address: tsclemente@up.edu.ph
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Herman Joseph S. KRAFT, M.A.
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines Diliman
Email address: hskraft@gmail.com
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