Building Networks

Building a network of experts in the Philippines, China and beyond is integral to the work of advancing strategic studies in the Philippines. During the China/Strategic Studies Program’s 2-year run, various activities helped cultivate networks. The Philippine Studies seminar series for Chinese scholars in 2015 as well as the Certificate Pilot Course for Philippine practitioners in 2016 were not only meant to build capacity but also widen institutional networks. Continuous dialogue with key experts through the Katipunan consultations, conference/symposia, and research oriented key informant interviews in 2015 were productive means to build the community of experts. Likewise, the mapping initiative, conference and public seminars in 2016 sustained those efforts. Further, in 2016, the project team also embarked on initiatives in communicating with experts in China to explore how young Filipino scholars can cultivate linkages with Chinese institutions through their existing programs or new programs that can be mutually forged.

People Discussing Ideas and Sitting at Cafe Table
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